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Optimizing Your Business Software

When it comes to any system or process at a business, a wide spectrum exists on its overall functionality. On a scale of 1 to 10 is it motoring along at a satisfactory 5, or blazing toward an optimized 10? Business software is certainly one of these systems that can fall anywhere on the optimization […]

BOSS® Hosts Elevation Workshop Plows Through Challenges to Growth and Greater Profitability

Media Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (September 8, 2022) Even though the outside temperatures were record-breaking, the talk inside was purposefully cold at the recent BOSS® Elevation Workshop aimed at helping snow management professionals leverage their software for growth and greater profitability. BOSS is the creation of The Integra Group, the innovative force behind the landscape […]


How to Make the Software Onboarding Process Easier

You’ve done your homework, vetted possible partners and solutions, and finally made the difficult choice to move your operation to a new business management software solution. Congratulations on the progress you have made so far! However, the excitement and internal energy created at a company at the apex of implementing a new software package can […]


How Software Helps Grow Your Business

Owners of landscape and snow removal companies often enter the industry for the love of the work and the gratification of providing excellent service. Nothing beats the satisfaction of exceeding customer expectations, generating leads, building pride within the employee ranks, and ultimately growing the business. But with growth comes the challenge of maintaining all the […]


Mistakes to Avoid When Onboarding Software

The decision to switch or purchase business software is a significant one for landscape contractors and snow removal professionals. The process can be stressful. From the advance research to determine the best vendor, to demos to preview the software, to negotiating the final agreement, it takes time and strategy. All of this adds extra pressure […]

Welcome to the Team – June 2022

The Integra Group Welcomes Michael Compton and Lucas Kraatz to BOSS® Team (June 14, 2022) – The Integra Group, the innovative force behind the landscape industry’s original enterprise business management software, welcomes a pair of talented professionals to the BOSS® team. Michael Compton joins the BOSS Client Success Team as an implementation specialist and Lucas […]

Habitat for Humanity Project 2022

From day one, The Integra Group, the creator of BOSS® the landscape industry’s first enterprise business management software, decided it was going to be more than just a problem solver for its clients, it was going to be a difference maker for those in need. After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, a dozen […]

The Integra Group Announces New BOSS® Software Release to Better Manage Credit Card Payments and Route Optimization

(May 9, 2022) – The Integra Group, the innovative force behind the landscape industry’s original enterprise business management software, has rolled out a new global release of its BOSS® software that provides landscape contractors and snow removal professionals the tools to overcome barriers to growth and improve profitability. The Spring 2022 BOSS highlighted upgrades include: […]


Purpose-Driven Culture Drives BOSS to Deliver

Purpose-Driven Culture Drives BOSS to Deliver Landscape management software has vast potential for streamlining business processes, uncovering new service opportunities, and maximizing the potential productivity – and personal job satisfaction – of every employee. Helping landscape businesses extract these benefits takes not only great software, but deliberate planning and exceptional customer service throughout the implementation […]


Teamwork Pays Off: The Elevation Team Ensures Client’s Success 

A new enterprise software solution shouldn’t just provide support for the business as it is today. It should position a land care operation to elevate its efficiency, customer service, and profitability well after the purchase … month after month, year after year.  BOSS® Software has made it a priority to put its clients in the […]