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Is a Consultant or Investor Right for Me?

My family enjoys watching the TV show Shark Tank for many reasons: interesting products, it’s a great business class, helps us refine our own sales pitch, and (of course) there is at least one train wreck each episode.  But what about for you? Is a consultant or an investor the right move for your business? […]

What Is Evergreen? The Core Value of PURPOSE

We believe that values-driven leadership teams are redefining success in the industry. While all companies love the journey of mastering our craft, the compass of rising market leaders is guided by a different “true north”: a unique set of core values known as the Evergreen principles. These teams not only have the grit and resourcefulness […]

Your Billing Process Should Be The Fun Part!

Why is the hardest part of many jobs getting everything together at the end to bill it? You already built a relationship, out-sold your competitors, acquired the talent and materials, and oversaw the timely and quality execution of your work. Shouldn’t billing be the fun part, where we go collect the hard-earned money? It sure seems […]

Budgeting and Strategic Planning

A majority of our industry is walking through budgeting and strategic planning for next year, and between the hazards behind us and the uncertainty ahead many of BOSS LM‘s client partners are asking fantastic strategic questions. To help, we decided to bring in one of the industry’s premier consultants, The Harvest Group‘s Ed LaFlamme, for […]

SCALING UP: Time to Change Technology?

I was once at a trade show standing near an impressive display of some of the finest zero-turn mowers on the market.  The Sales Representative was talking with a landscape business owner whose business had grown.  The owner was taking on larger properties, with the goal to move from residential into commercial maintenance, but was […]

“The Right Stuff”: Choosing Your Snow Contractor

One of the toughest challenges to handle as a property owner or decision-maker is choosing your Winter Care contractor. Add a COVID-damaged budget, and a surge of contractors desperate for recession revenue, and 2020 is worse than usual. The good news is you can confidently learn a proven method to pick the right plan, as […]

Streamlining Contract Renewals

Something as critical to business profitability as “contract renewals” should not sneak into the tail end of our to-do list, but most of us have days it feels that way. Right about when the long summer sun puts the “Spring Sprint” behind us, Fall bursts through the door. Seasonal landscape tasks, continuous maintenance, and construction […]

Driving Quality in Your Landscape/Snow Business

Would your last big prospect say you separated from the crowd on value? Let’s imagine being that decision-maker for a moment. You are an HOA President, an industrial facility Engineer, a medical campus Director. Every decision is both opportunistic and endangering; produce maximum value, at best price, with least risk – or else. Decision time […]