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BOSS: Committed to Continuous Improvement

While no one who runs a business can fully foresee how evolving market forces will impact their product and service offerings, the one absolute certainly is that change will happen. That’s why from the beginning, the creators of BOSS Software rolled out their initial offering with one eye on the horizon. “We’ve been committed to […]


A Measurable Improvement in Performance

Hartman Landscaping Improved Financial and Operational Performance After Selecting BOSS® What gets measured, gets improved. That’s critical in any business, but particularly so in the landscape and snow removal industries where labor and staffing can be a revolving door and weather can be unpredictable. The best way to profitably manage a business is through real-time […]

BOSS® Hosts Elevation Workshop To Assist Users Drive Business Opportunities

(December 8, 2021) – Peer to peer learning is often the most effective method of transferring knowledge. To that end BOSS®, the landscape industry’s original enterprise-class business management software creator, hosted an Elevation Workshop for clients at this year’s GIE + EXPO in Louisville.  The workshop featured BOSS software users sharing their real-world scenarios to […]

Stephanie Leveling Joins BOSS® Elevation Team

(November 23, 2021) – BOSS®, the landscape industry’s original business management software developer, announces the addition of landscape industry veteran Stephanie Leveling to its Elevation Team.  The Elevation Team is unique to BOSS and serves as a support system for new and existing users to help them achieve superior results in their businesses when implementing […]


Turning Data Into Dollars

Greenscape’s Gross Profit Improved 12 Points Following Switch to BOSS Massachusetts-based Greenscape’s gross profit margin improved 12 points using BOSS Business Software Data analytics improves financial and operational performance. BOSS Software’s data analytics and reporting features give users the ability to drill down on multiple data points to identify trends. Data analytics is a teaching […]

The Integra Group BOSS® Announces New Software Release

(August 4, 2021) – The Integra Group, the innovative force behind the landscape industry’s original enterprise business software, has deployed a new global release of its BOSS® software that helps landscape contractors, lawn care and snow removal professionals overcome barriers to growth and improve profitability. New features include: Integrated DocuSign and e-signature capabilities – this […]

The Integra Group – Creator of BOSS® Software – Announces the Launch of New Corporate Website

(June 21, 2021) – The Integra Group, the innovative force behind the landscape industry’s original enterprise business software, announces the launch of its redesigned website with updated content and client service tools. TheIntegraGroup.com is the source for landscape and snow removal contractors looking for intuitive and customizable software solutions that help companies transform their businesses […]


Facing What No One Saw Coming

The sky isn’t falling… but we are. Literally every landscape and snow company is having some form of this conversation as we face the uncertainty of this upcoming season. Sure, businesses have highs and lows. Champion a cause long enough and you will live to see, and lead through, true disaster – an equipment malfunction […]


“The Dud”: Avoiding Bad Jobs In Peak Signing

As much as the flurry of opportunity and growth happening in pockets of the industry is exciting, we carry a responsibility as owners and sales teams to make sure we only choose good work out of the pool. “A dollar is a dollar” is nowhere near true in landscape sales! Time crunches can tempt us […]


What To Do When There Is Nothing To Do

After speaking with business owners during the winter snow blast that affected much of the Midwest and South, the question came up: “What do we do when there is nothing to do?” The power was out, employees could not make it to work, and (in the South) we simply didn’t have the right tools. (Round […]