Stop Settling for Average Snow Software!

The old grill master’s lesson for steaks is this… If you start with average cuts of meat, even if you follow the process flawlessly, you will only end up with an average steak. If instead you start with great cuts, even if you only get the process “mostly right” you will still end up with a great steak. I see this play out all the time when high-performing companies in the snow industry try to “make it work” on average software systems. Simply put, average software is only ever going to be average. 


Many software packages deliberately choose industry-vague marketing so they can sell to as many industries as possible – specializing in none – and the unique needs of live snow event management go unmet. A few more providers advertise a “snow” area which, disappointingly, is basically their mow scheduling area with few changes beyond frosted coloring. The last couple competitors are server-based, meaning when power or internet goes down, your whole snow operation goes down with it. Or, they use premade, physical “plans” that you have to lock in prior to the storm – as if in the real world we have a crystal ball and never need to change gears in the middle of the night.


Why do we put up with this? Mostly, I find, we keep settling for average snow software because we had no idea a truly great solution exists. …Not anymore!


BOSS is not only the leading business management solution of the landscape industry but arguably also the leading provider of the snow industry. Designed by a joint steering committee of some of the nation’s largest snow operations and a custom software developer with billion-dollar-plus clientele, BOSS Software’s snow tool empowers the best-of-the-best to reach higher levels of efficiency and profitability than ever – even to achieving the elusive ISO9001 certification. How?


  • BOSS can handle all billing types, whether Time & Materials, Per Occurrence, Per Push, Tiered, Fixed Seasonal Pricing, or a mix of it all.
  • BOSS centralizes the routing and management of both in-house personnel and subcontractor partners in the same system.
  • BOSS enables you to design per-event-type templates in advance with optimized routing, so that when a storm rolls an entire event’s worth of routes can be launched for the affected branches and geographic areas with the click of a button.
  • BOSS flexibly scales up or down mid-storm, allowing you to respond to the updated radar and forecast data at a moment’s notice. Caught a late burst and need to close out with another full salt? Storm dissipating and crews need to come in early? Simply update your projected event template and watch routing and assignments company-wide automatically update in response.
  • BOSS provides a centralized Event Command dashboard to live display the status of every crew mid-event on their route in one place, whether they are on a one-pass run or a multiple-visit event.
  • BOSS improves field team performance and documentation through mobile-accessible site maps, standardized material application estimates, GPS timestamping of key actions, photo documentation of before-and-after service conditions, and weather data logging.
  • BOSS also helps post-event by empowering mobile quick-click availability to job quality audits and issue tracking toward resolution.
  • BOSS billing protects your team against errors reaching your clients with a unique process layer between live field team data capture and post-event invoices, allowing your staff to safely review and adjust as needed.
  • BOSS is a fully cloud-hosted solution in a custom-negotiated high-availability environment – because if you don’t get to take a break from providing essential services your software shouldn’t take a break from being online!


Part of your team getting to the next level for next season, is finally partnering with a snow solution powerful enough for your snow operation. Contact BOSS today to ask for a tour of our snow business management solutions.



David Rempfer shares from 13 years of profit and non-profit team leadership, is a veteran leader of multimillion landscape and snow operations, and is one of less than 300 professionals in North America to be SIMA Executive CSP certified. He now consults industry executives and leadership teams in their pursuits of business improvement and quality-of-life.

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