Purpose-Driven Culture Drives BOSS to Deliver

Purpose-Driven Culture Drives BOSS to Deliver

Landscape management software has vast potential for streamlining business processes, uncovering new service opportunities, and maximizing the potential productivity – and personal job satisfaction – of every employee. Helping landscape businesses extract these benefits takes not only great software, but deliberate planning and exceptional customer service throughout the implementation process.

This invested, embedded approach to landscape management software is what makes Integra, manufacturer of BOSS Software, unique in its field. Owner Mike Cossins says he started the company in 1999 to build something that improves people’s lives – both his own employees and those of his customers.

“This has been the driver since we started,” says Cossins. “To improve the lives of clients, helping their businesses operate more effectively and profitably. To allow them to be more generous with their employees so they get more enjoyment from the work and their lives. We are tech geeks, but we are driven by a deeper purpose. It really motivates us.”

More Than Software

Clients who commit to BOSS aren’t just purchasing a piece of software, they’re benefitting from the BOSS culture of care. The detailed implementation process, developed and fine-tuned through 20 years of work in the industry, is designed to ensure that the landscape contractor can enjoy every benefit built into the program.

“One of our guiding principles is that quality implementation is just as important as quality software,” says Cossins. “We use a team of implementers with a deep understanding of both the landscape industry and the software to make it as simple as possible.”

They also stress the need for total commitment from clients to engage in the software implementation. “They have so much invested in the software, and there’s no way to learn it overnight,” says Cossins. “The client needs to commit themselves to learning how to use it. It’s like digging for gold – the more you keep at it, the more return you can achieve.”

Cossins really drives this point home – success without commitment almost assures failure. “We understand that this is a difficult journey,” he says. “Everyone goes through it. We have a proven implementation process that takes time to complete. Clients need to leave a margin for the effort and understand that this is not a ‘spare time’ project.”

Support You Can Count On

Successful client implementation has been facilitated when contractors share responsibility internally, and don’t try to do everything themselves.

“We know that when people aren’t prepared or don’t understand a task, it will get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list,” says Cossins. “We advise that contractors to enlist key employees who know the business well, provide them support to take some of their day-to-day duties off their plates, and put them on the implementation project.”

New BOSS clients are assigned an “implementer” who serves as the point person up until the software goes fully live. Then, the client is handed off to the Elevation team, which works to help the client maximize the software benefits. Other resources, such as online video training, help support the “white glove” service approach.

In the end, client service is the measuring stick by which BOSS gauges its success, and the key metrics don’t lie. BOSS’ average response time to service calls is one hour, and that translates to high client satisfaction rates.

“We designed our company to have slow but steady growth because that’s what drives us,” says Cossins. “We can’t double or triple in size and still serve our clients well. We are here for the long haul.”

The BOSS Difference

BOSS’ intimate knowledge of software and the professional landscape and snow removal business makes it the number one choice for businesses searching for a complete software solution. Call 866/596-5971 or request a free consultation today.

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