Optimizing Your Business Software

When it comes to any system or process at a business, a wide spectrum exists on its overall functionality. On a scale of 1 to 10 is it motoring along at a satisfactory 5, or blazing toward an optimized 10?

Business software is certainly one of these systems that can fall anywhere on the optimization scale. Just because it works does not necessarily mean you’re getting every penny of value out of your investment of time, people and financial resources.

Fortunately, there are some critical best practices for landscape companies that will significantly improve your experiences with the business management software you are using, and ensure you are getting the biggest return on investment.

Train and Retrain. Landscape companies simply can’t afford to have the weakest link in efficiency and productivity be a lack of software acumen among the employees. Training is critical for ensuring the effective use of software, for uncovering employee challenges and weaknesses, and for improving overall job satisfaction among the crew.

Once trained, employees will need plenty of time to practice their new skills without fear of making a critical error. In addition, refresher courses and additional training, after updates, ensures there’s no lapse in team effectiveness.

BOSS updates their software continuously and informs users so they are “in the know” of new features that should be culturally adopted and trained for.

Assign Super Users. Not everyone will need to understand every aspect of the business management software, but there needs to be one or two individuals who act as super users.

They will be responsible for learning the system from top to bottom so issues can be resolved rapidly in conjunction with your company’s IT department. They may also work with IT to interact with technical support from the software company, so issues can be converted into solutions that are implemented rapidly.

After you’ve assigned your super user and backup super user, how can you to take it to the next level? BOSS offers certification programs – both basic and advanced – that will ensure your team has the knowledge needed to make the most of BOSS. We recommend having at least one person certified in each key area.  

Establish Goals. Just like landscape businesses set financial and productivity goals for their maintenance, design build or snow removal divisions and identify individuals to make sure those goals are met, setting goals for the implementation of software is equally important.

Setting timelines for integrating with other systems, adding on capabilities, and reassessing the software to ensure effective use will all help to ensure that software use is optimized. It is also important to fully understand what features of your software are not currently being used, and to develop plans for future implementation as it matches with growth and expansion.

To help establish attainable goals, users should refer to the BOSS Scoreboard, a report within the system that can be run by contractors at any time. The scoreboard displays features used and not used in the system and is a good first step to help creating your software implementation road map.

Engage with Peers. The best advice for maximizing software effectiveness often comes from other companies using the same system. Tap into the network of fellow BOSS software users by joining the BOSS Elevation Group, a group of users that meets virtually every month. You can also attend a BOSS Elevation Team workshop. You’ll find real benefit from sharing and learning from each other. 

Use the Dashboard. The software’s built-in dashboard provides important insights into efficiency, productivity, and profitability at your company. Ensure that your key personnel understand what the dashboard is telling you, and how to act on the information most effectively.

Tend To Your Data

The old cliché “garbage in, garbage out” is a favorite among business software companies when it comes to the challenges of turning data into information, and for good reason. Software clients must do everything in their power to ensure that the data going into a software solution is accurate and reflective of the conclusions that come out the other end. Keep the following in mind as you think about your company data:

  • Identify and stick to common terminology to ensure software stays clean.
  • Keep data fresh and valid by eliminating that which is old or no longer of value.
  • Due to the economy, companies are updating as prices changes – daily, weekly, biweekly vs. monthly or seasonally. Invest the time to learn how to update your software pricing catalog in the most effective way to save money.
  • To ensure you are getting the best and latest offerings from your provider, update software when required. If disruption is a concern, have updates take place in the evenings when it is not in use.

You’ve made a significant investment of time, talent, and capital to put this software to work in your business, so optimizing its effectiveness makes perfect sense. By fully engaging your provider, your employees, and other companies using the software, you can be sure you’re working toward the goal of achieving a “Perfect 10.”

The BOSS® Difference

BOSS Software’s in-depth knowledge of business software and the needs of professional landscape and snow removal contractors makes it the number one choice for businesses searching for a complete software solution. Call 866/596-5971 or request a free consultation today.

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