BOSS® Software Releases New Tools for Enhanced Business Operations

New Features Included Updated Dashboards for Improved
Data Management and Financial Reporting

The Integra Group, the innovative force behind the landscape industry’s original enterprise business management software, announces the release of

BOSS 10.1 – the latest iteration of the software that landscape and snow removal professionals rely on to effectively manage their growing business operations.

Highlights of the new release include:

  • New production dashboard
  • New business intelligence (BI) dashboards
  • SiteRecon integration
  • Job cost overtime
  • New pivot table report for FSE/audit
  • Add tabs to job screen for tickets, invoices, material
  • Mobile link to property location and directions
  • PO – Update Item cost from receipt or receipt history
  • BOSS Scorecard updates

“We are pleased to deliver BOSS users with enhanced tools that provide greater ease of use and flexibility on how they view and organize their data,” said Mike Cossins, CEO & founder of The Integra Group, developers of BOSS Software. “These tools will enable landscape contractors and snow removal professionals to make decisions faster and with greater certainty as they grow their businesses.”

New Production Dashboard

The new production dashboard offers landscape and snow removal professionals greater ease of use and flexibility on how they view and organize their schedule. Highlights include:

  • Several options to display your production dashboard: day view, week view, work week view, month view and timeline view.
  • New drop-down menu to filter by services and default schedules.
  • New display feature allows you to filter crews.
  • A new Ellipsis feature will make it easier for iPad users and more intuitive for all users.
  • Color-coded tickets to visually help see the ticket status immediately.

Eight New BI Dashboards

The release also features eight new BI Dashboards that have been created to provide additional insights into various aspects of your business. The new dashboards, which can be included in reports, include:

  • Employee count and hours worked
  • Estimated hours vs. actual hours
  • Gross profit by month
  • Gross profit by year
  • Labor efficiency
  • Sales by branch and job type
  • Sales by revenue class
  • Sales renewal status by branch

Additional tools support enhanced accounting, sales and purchasing functions include:

  • Sage 50 provides another accounting integration option.
  • Two new payroll export options – PRISM and iSolved.
  • A new filter option on the sales dashboard – show sales rep by assigned branch.
  • An enhancement to purchase order module to add a Ship to Address option in the property address.
  • A modified manage invoice module with more information on invoice credit memos.

As businesses grow, there is a need a strong business management software like BOSS. BOSS helps landscape and snow removal companies grow by unlocking information and reducing friction. It provides features that growing companies need while being easy to use and easy to implement. And with real-time insights into all your lines of businesses, you can make better informed decisions.

BOSS Software is recognized for its adaptability and ability to be tailored to meet the ever-expanding needs of landscape companies. It stands alone when it comes to delivering return-on-investment and unmatched levels of client service and support.

If your business is outgrowing your current business management software, consider BOSS. Want to learn more about what BOSS can do for your business? Schedule a consultation

About The Integra Group

Founded in 1999, The Integra Group provides cloud-based solutions and custom software consulting services throughout the U.S., England, Canada, and Australia. BOSS industry-specific solutions are mission-critical business management services that are enterprise-wide in scope.

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