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Assembling A Better Business

BOSS® Hosts Client Connect Workshop to Help Clients Achieve Better Performance with Assemblies Tool FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE To help users achieve better results creating more accurate and timely proposals and work orders, BOSS® Software hosted a Client Connect Elevation Workshop July 23-25 in Boston to dive deeper into the software’s Assemblies feature and share how […]


Six Things Contractors Need to Know When Buying Software

Selecting a business software management system is not something you want to change every year, or even every few years. You are not just choosing a software, you are choosing a long-term partner, creating a long-term business relationship and identifying a tool to help run your business. For businesses to grow revenue, track expenses, manage […]


Labor Day: Starting Strong and Finishing Well

Did you know? The first Labor Day parade was held in New York City on September 5, 1882; however, it was not until 1894 when President Grover Cleveland signed to make Labor Day an official Federal Holiday.  Today we still celebrate Labor Day day as a way to celebrate and honor the American workforce, to […]


Managing Snow and Ice Liability

Most winter weather management professionals agree that our job isn’t “snow removal” anymore as much as “risk management”. Yes, larger snowfalls or ice events can batter properties, but increasingly ominous is the ever-present world of liability – and the staggering dollars that come with it. It’s the storm within the storm, and at all times […]


Hitting The Target: Material Forecasting vs Actuals

“Hey, John – I need to call the nursery and confirm Maintenance Division’s final materials list for annuals, pots, and chemical applications. Can you run that report again?”   “Sure!” Click.   Many of us feel skeptical toward imagining a world where it could be that easy. But what if? What if instead of dozens […]


Snow Sales: Catching “The Big Fish”

Elite snow teams celebrate winning snow partnerships with premier sites – the game-changing referrals, the pride of our region, the majority of our revenue – but not everyone is good at earning their business. What does it actually take? — FIRST: TIMING The best snow contracts are gone in September – often by Labor Day. […]


5 Metrics Every Business Owner Should Know

We care deeply about the businesses we own, much like a parent cares for its child; both of us invest risk, effort, wealth, and sacrifice, so staying aware of health and growth is a top priority to us. Much like vitals inform a parent at the doctor with their child, metrics allow us as leaders […]


Contract Renewals and Client Retention

Maintenance contract renewals along with client retention rates are typically a tough subject around most landscape companies’ offices, but especially with the mayhem that has already been the year 2020 this renewal season will be challenging. Goals were set when the budget was built out, and now the long list of questions remains: How many of […]


The Reporting Trifecta: Powerful, Simple, Customizable

If you like having absolute control over your business data and visualizing exactly where your business improvement opportunities are, this blog is for you. Most industry software solutions market having “reporting”, but a closer look yields disappointment: limited options, predefined templates, disconnected job costing, and “tech support” that wants to bill you per hour to […]


Open Heart Surgery

The painful yet essential move to Landscape Business Software. Selecting and deploying a Business Management Software is one of the most significant decisions a management team will make in the life of their business. Making a wrong decision, or failing to include important variables, can have heavy costs – dollars and beyond; but, making the […]