The Reporting Trifecta: Powerful, Simple, Customizable

If you like having absolute control over your business data and visualizing exactly where your business improvement opportunities are, this blog is for you.

Most industry software solutions market having “reporting”, but a closer look yields disappointment: limited options, predefined templates, disconnected job costing, and “tech support” that wants to bill you per hour to try to do anything about it.

Not anymore. It’s 2020. It’s time to upgrade.

BossLM is the by-far industry leader for business intelligence reporting solutions. BossLM puts the power back in your hands. Our analytics are powerful, simple, and impressively customizable — and, because BossLM spans all your departments, live-to-the-minute.

Check out the 6-minute video below for a highlight of several dozen customizable report templates. (The “Pivot Tables” will blow you away!) For existing customers, either contact support for in-depth training or check out the DIY example walkthroughs in our Customer Knowledge Base. For those new to BossLM or are considering upgrading your business management solutions, take control of seeing things at your own pace by scheduling a private demo at your convenience.