Labor Day: Starting Strong and Finishing Well

Did you know? The first Labor Day parade was held in New York City on September 5, 1882; however, it was not until 1894 when President Grover Cleveland signed to make Labor Day an official Federal Holiday.  Today we still celebrate Labor Day day as a way to celebrate and honor the American workforce, to say thank you to all of the hard-working men and women that provide so much to so many.  Hopefully today is a day to rest and to spend time with friends and family while enjoying a few fun activities closing out summer.


For those of us in the landscape industry, Labor Day serves as a transition period. Owners are looking at ways to finish this year well, reviewing year-to-date information, and preparing to start strong in the new year ahead. Account Management teams are reviewing existing accounts, making the necessary adjustments for next year.  Sales teams follow up on maintenance accounts missed last year to find out if there is an opportunity to re-submit to win next year.  Production teams transition from growing season maintenance to fall maintenance and winter readiness, welcoming the change in temperatures that push the dog days of the summer into a thing of the past. Labor Day marks a new season for all of us!


If you are a BOSS LM user, now is an excellent time to review your system as a part of transitions – both to finish this year well and start next year strong! What are the items you wanted to make improvements on, but “could not find the time” to handle during peak season? Is your Service Catalog up to date with the correct pricing and labor production rates? Do your estimators have Contract Templates and Kits and Assemblies created to make their time estimating jobs more efficient? Are Reports and Dashboards configured to instantly generate so leadership teams can quickly review how teams are winning or losing?  Remember: BOSS LM is a valuable tool, with great new features regularly released and ongoing opportunities to optimize your business, but it is only as good as the data being entered and maintained!


The Fall season is an exciting time and a great opportunity to maximize the few months left in the current year.  Please let us know how the BOSS LM Team can help make the most of this time.  We hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!



John Richter is the owner of Richter Landscaping in Alabama, a landscape construction and maintenance operation; a BOSS LM user; and a passionate advocate to see other landscape and snow business owners reach their full potential. John also serves as the Client Elevation Manager with BOSS, helping existing customers continually find new gains in their pursuits of business improvement and quality-of-life.